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I offer an integrative approach to the publishing process, from story concept and design to writing, editing, and publishing. There’s been no greater time in the history of publishing for aspiring authors.

New opportunities crop up every day, and I help writers make the best-informed choices about seizing publishing opportunities that align with their writing goals and highest vision.



I work with people around the world, using video calls and the best tools available on the cloud to help you manage your book project.

We’ll talk about immediate ways to improve your story, strengthen your writing skills—and increase your chance of success.

I provide notes for every page you write and help you discover and develop the narrative structure of your book. Video consultations include email correspondence as ongoing support.





My greatest strength as an editor is seeing narrative design. I take an agile approach to the writing process and help you quickly see your entire book structure at the outset.

After we know the design, we build your book, word by word. If you've already written your book, we take a good look at the possibility of a remodel. Reader experience depends on solid narrative structure. Let's design a great reader experience!



I love words, but I also love omitting many words to help your book become an effective tool of communication. Writing is rewriting. Editing is (usually) a subtractive process.



Ghost Writing


Book Midwifery

In addition to helping writers find their voice, I also sometimes dive fully into the text. Writing is an endurance sport, and I help writers who have been climbing their mountain for years so that they can finally fulfill their dream and finish their book.




Need help telling your company's story? I help your team identify classic archetypes within your ecosystem and leverage a compelling framework to share how your product or service is solving problems, fulfilling a need and bringing something great into the world. You become the hero!



The survivor of a drunk driver, spinal meningitis, a kidney disease and divorce, I inspire audiences with my stories of resilience, courage and forgiveness. I make people laugh. I invite others to see themselves in my struggles, and I let them feel capable of optimal growth in the midst of great challenge.

I've been invited to speak to groups of all sizes at Google, Tuckahoe Women's Club, Contra Costa Times Gala, Pennsylvania Library Council, Litquake and many more.


In "Technology of The Heart," author Holly Lynn Payne explores the fascinating information centers in the heart and shows how they can be utilized to optimize communication (and even create magic) in the workplace and beyond. She draws from her recent book, Damascena, a story that demonstrates the power of the ancient Sufi mystics who utilized the technology of the heart in their daily practices — still ongoing today.

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