“Writing is a way of sharing something that comes from us
but is also greater than us. (And forever humbling). I love
helping people reclaim their voice and tell their stories."

Holly Lynn Payne, award-winning author of
Kingdom of Simplicity and The Virgin's Knot


Author Photography by Joe Burull

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I help shape your great idea into a book, and teach you how to create a sustained writing practice over the course of six months. First we find the structure. Then we find the words. The rest is planning, practice and perseverance. You've got this.

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I work with non-fiction, fiction and business manuscripts at every stage of
the development process to offer keen structural and narrative design insights. Then we get into the word by word. Structure first. Words second. 

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If you have questions about the publishing world, finding an agent, writing a query, handling editors and editorial feedback or have a book idea you'd like to pursue but need a few pointers, please schedule an appointment with me and we'll talk.

Turn your great idea into a book!